Tesla Model Y Gemini VS Induction VS Uberturbine Wheels - Which is Better?

If you’re thinking about getting an electric car, you must be considered Tesla’s Model Y. The Tesla Model Y only has two versions, long-range and performance, and when you order your Tesla, you may wonder whether Gemini, Induction, or Uberturbine wheels are the better choice. 

The Model Y comes with three types of wheels: 19-inch Gemini, 20-inch Induction, and 21-inch Uberturbine wheels. The Tesla Model Y Long-Range comes standard with 19-inch Gemini wheels, and 20-inch induction wheels cost an extra $2,000 to get. The 21-inch Uberturbine wheels are only for the Model Y Performance version.

  • 19-inch Gemini Wheels – standard on the Model Y long-range
  • 20-inch Induction Wheels – available on the Model Y long-range for an additional $2,000
  • 21-inch Uberturbine Wheels – standard on the Performance Model Y

Below, we'll outline the differences between Tesla's Model Y Gemini and the Induction Wheel. We'll then discuss the Uberturbine wheels that came with the performance model. We'll conclude with an overview of the specs, pros, and cons, for all three wheel types.

Differences Between Gemini & Induction Wheels

There is a clear difference between the Gemini wheel and the Induction wheel, the general look of the Gemini, and the sporty aesthetics of the Induction. They come in different sizes, with the Gemini wheel measuring 19 inches and the induction wheel measuring 20 inches.

So, the main difference between the twin star wheel and the induction wheel is their size and shape. Gemini wheels are smaller 19″ wheels with a more aerodynamic silver finish that come with wheel caps. Induction rims are larger 20″ wheels and have a grey/black curved metal shape. There are no special covers, except maybe on the central bolt.

Tesla Model Y Gemini Wheels

A new alloy wheel design introduced for 2019 is called the Tesla Model Y Gemini wheels, and they're a standard option on the Long Range model. The 19-inch Gemini wheels come with an aerodynamic wheel cap for optimal aerodynamics, the hubcaps are plastic wheel caps that you can remove to remove them. Feel free to remove them if you want your Tesla to look like a sports car, but if you want better mileage, the Gemini wheel covers will provide 1% to 5% better mileage and the smoothest, smoothest Comfortable driving experience.

The key measurements for the Model Y Gemini wheel are shown in the table below:


Length/ Units


4.52 in. (11.5 cm)

Interior Diameter

19 in. (48 cm)

External Diameter

28.04 in. (71 cm)

Tread Width

255 mm (10 in.)

Sidewall Ratio


19-inch Gemini wheel features:

  • 4.52 inches (115 cm) of sidewall: The ride experience depends on this size. The higher the sidewall, the more comfortable the ride.
  • Alloy wheels typically have an inside diameter of 19 inches (48 centimeters). It won't fit most cars because it's neither too small nor too large.
  • 28.04 inches (71 cm) outside diameter: Your car's performance is affected by the diameter of the wheel. The weight of the big wheels makes them harder to turn. At high speeds, they provide better stability.
  • Tread width 255 mm (10 inches): This measurement affects rolling resistance and grip. Larger tread width provides greater grip and rolling resistance. The lower the rolling resistance of the battery, the longer the range.
  • 45 Sidewall Ratio: This measurement is important because it affects ride quality. A larger sidewall ratio produces a softer ride.

19-inch Gemini wheel Pros

  • Cheaper.
  • More aerodynamic for a range of 330 miles on one charge
  • It has removable wheel covers.
  • Slightly softer/smoother ride.

19-inch Gemini wheel Cons

  • Not so stylish.
  • Smaller diameter.
  • They are harder to resell than the 20-inch Induction wheels.

Tesla Model Y Induction Wheels

If you want to give your long-range Model Y a sporty look, Induction wheels are the way to go. Those 20-inch wheels are also sturdier than their Gemini counterparts. The tires around them also have a slightly lower profile. This gives the induction wheels a sportier look. You'll pay about $2,000 extra for the larger and sturdier induction wheels.

The Induction wheels have a diameter of 20 inches (51 cm) and are available in a variety of hues, including silver and black. The crucial wheel diameters for the Model Y Induction are shown in the table below:

The induction wheel measures 20 inches in diameter. The key wheel diameters for the Induction wheel are shown in the table below:


Length/ Units


4.02 in. (10 cm)

Interior Diameter

20 in. (51 cm)

External Diameter

28.03 in. (71 cm)

Tread Width

255 mm (10 in.)

Sidewall Ratio


It is clear from the results above that the remaining dimensions of the Model Y Induction wheels are smaller than the Gemini wheels, except the tread width, and the inner diameter.

From the above results, it is clear that except for the tread width and inner diameter, the remaining dimensions of the Induction wheel are smaller than the Gemini wheel.

20-inch Induction wheel features:

  • 4.02" (10cm) Sidewalls: The Model Y Induction wheel will have a rougher ride because of its narrower sidewall.
  • 20" (51 cm) inner diameter: Induction wheels have a larger inner diameter than Gemini wheels, allowing for better selection when overcoming larger obstacles. Additionally, the larger diameter improves handling, stability, and traction.
  • 28.03 inches (71 cm) outside diameter: Although the external diameter is less than the Gemini wheel, the Induction wheel outperforms the Gemini wheel due to its larger inner diameter.
  • Tread Width: The Gemini wheels have a tread width of 255 mm (10 inches). As such, the Induction wheels provide a fair amount of grip and rolling resistance for the Gemini.
  • 40 sidewall ratio: The ride will be rough as it has smaller wheels than the Gemini.

20-inch Induction Pros:

  • More stylish and modern than the Gemini wheels
  • Better handling and performance on wet and snowy roads
  • Larger diameter

20-inch Induction Cons:

  • More expensive, costs an additional $2,000
  • Reduces the efficiency and EPA range from 330 miles on a single charge to around 318 miles.

Gemini vs Induction wheels which is better?

Resale: Gemini vs Induction wheels

There seem to be quite a bit of Tesla Model Y owners who purchased vehicles with the 19-inch Gemini wheels, decided they did not like them, and then upgraded to the 20-inch Induction option. But be aware that Gemini wheels are the standard wheels on your Model Y, while Induction wheels sell for an extra $2,000. You know that the Tesla Model Y is a bit more expensive than other cars on the market, and spending an extra $2,000 on looks might seem unreasonable to most people.

It seems that quite a few Tesla Model Y owners bought their cars with 19-inch Gemini wheels, found out they didn't like them, and then upgraded to 20-inch induction wheels. Note, though, that the twin wheels come standard on your Model Y, while the induction wheels are an extra $2,000. You know the Tesla Model Y is a bit more expensive than other cars on the market, and spending an extra $2,000 on looks doesn't seem reasonable to most people.

Want to upgrade your 19 "hubcaps for the least amount of money? Check these sporty wheel covers for the Tesla Model Y 19-inch Gemini wheel.

View: Gemini VS Induction wheels

When it comes to looks, the Tesla Induction Wheel will always prevail. That's because the Induction wheels were designed from the ground up to make your Tesla Model Y look stylish. While Gemini wheels don't look too bad on your car, they don't look as stunning as induction wheels.

Aesthetically, the Gemini's wheels look fine with the white or silver color Model Y, but don't match the blue or red Model Y.

Comfort and driving experience: Gemini vs Induction wheels

As for a comfortable driving experience, this is Tesla's area of ​​expertise for Gemini wheels. Gemini wheel tires have slightly larger sidewalls and outer diameters, making them more comfortable and smoother to ride than Tesla Induction wheels. While providing Model Y owners with comfort, the Tesla Gemini wheels sacrifice a bit on the range.

The Tesla Model Y Induction Wheel ride isn't that bad, but it's a far cry from the Tesla Twin Wheel experience.

Efficiency: Gemini vs Induction wheels

The Tesla Model Y has a range of 330 miles, and for that 330 miles, you get the best efficiency on Gemini wheels. The Gemini wheels can travel 330 miles on a single charge.

As for Tesla's Induction wheels, they lower the EPA efficiency and range from 330 miles to 318 miles on a single charge.

If you take long road trips and live in a dry climate with little snow and ice, the Gemini wheels may be a better choice for you. If cold, wet weather is a regular part of the weather pattern in your area, Induction wheels may have a better driving experience in the long run.

Uberturbine Wheels for Maximum Aesthetics

If you can shell out a few thousand dollars more, the Performance Model Y may be the best choice for you.

The 21-inch Uberturbine wheel is only available on the Performance Model Y, and it will cost $5,000 more than a Long-range Model Y with 19-inch Gemini wheels and about $3,000 more than a Long-ange Model Y with 20-inch Induction wheels.

21-inch Uberturbine Pros:

  • Best looking wheel option
  • Most attractive wheel covers
  • Best handling and performance on wet and snowy roads
  • Best comfortable
  • Best for resale in terms of treadwear
  • Only comes on Performance, therefore fastest 0-60 acceleration

21-inch Uberturbine Cons:

  • Costs an additional $5,000 for a 19-inch Model Y Gemini, or $3,000 for 20-inch Model Y Induction
  • Reduces the efficiency and EPA range from 330 miles on a single charge to around 303 miles

The 21-inch Uberturbine wheels are beautiful, stylish, and sporty, but it comes at a price. If you can put an extra few thousand dollars upfront, you'll get not only the best-looking wheels but the fastest Model Y variant.

The type of wheels on your vehicle will make all the difference when it comes to vehicle efficiency and range. So you need to ask yourselves if you need to allow sacrifice a little distance for a better look. If efficiency and range are your priorities, then the 19-inch Gemini or 20-inch Induction wheels may be a better fit for your needs.

According to data given by Tesla, the 20-inch Induction wheels and the 21-inch Uberturbine wheels, it’s likely to sacrifice efficiency and drop the EPA-rated range of 330 miles That drops to around 318 or 303 miles. The entire 330-mile range is on Gemini wheels only.

The Gemini vs Induction vs Uberturbine wheel is the best?

The key wheel diameters for the Gemini vs Induction vs Uberturbine wheels are shown in the table below:






19 inches / 48 cm

20 inches / 51 cm

21 inches / 53 cm


9.5 inches / 24 cm

9.5 inches / 24 cm

9.5 inches / 24 cm (front), 10.5 inches / 27 cm (rear)


30 lb / 13.5 kg

31.5 lb / 14 kg

38 lb / 17 kg




+40 (front), +48 (rear)


5 x 114.3

5 x 114.3

5 x 114.3

Center Bore

2.5 inches / 64 mm

2.5 inches / 64 mm

2.5 inches / 64 mm

Lug Nut Spec

0.8 inches / 21 mm

0.8 inches / 21 mm

0.8 inches / 21 mm

Lug Nut Torque Spec

129 lb-ft / 175 Nm

129 lb-ft / 175 Nm

129 lb-ft / 175 Nm

Corresponding Tire Manufacturer(s)

Continental Pro Contact RX

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

Michelin Pilot Sport EV

Pirelli P Zero 4

Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season

Tesla Option

No Charge


Performance Package Only 


Cheapest, lightest option

Smoothest, most comfortable ride

Longest range

Ideal for inclement weather and rough roads 

Sporty look

Best for snowy and wet climates

Sportiest aesthetics of the three

Provide the best acceleration and performance


Not the best for wet and snowy climates

Tread may wear faster

Basic aesthetics 

Cost $2,000 extra

Lower range

Not the smoothest ride

Only comes with the Performance models 

Lowest range

The Uberturbine's wheels are by far the most popular, but they're only available on the Performance Model Y, and they're $5,000 more than the Long Range version with 19-inch Gemini wheels. So the 20" induction wheels might be a happy option to get good-looking wheels for less money. However, if you're a thrill-seeker and can afford the extra $3,000, you'll probably want to go ahead and upgrade from the 20-inch induction wheels to the 21-inch Uberturbine wheels, since they're automatically available on the Model Y. With performance package, for a few thousand dollars extra, you not only get better wheels, you also get performance upgrades for the Model Y itself.


If you live in the Northeastern United States, where snowstorms can often cause driving problems, the performance Model Y or Induction wheels from the Uberturbine are probably the best options.

In dry climates, if you plan to drive long distances, Gemini wheels are probably your best bet. If you go a step further and look for a comfortable and smooth ride, Gemini tires are also your best bet.

Frequently asked questions

Why do Teslas have wheel covers?

To be aerodynamic, the wheel tread must be as flat as possible and flush with the tire sidewall. A cast alloy wheel can have an aerodynamic shape, but it will be heavy due to the extra material used. So Tesla developed a plastic hubcap to provide aerodynamics.

Can I remove the Tesla Model Y wheel covers?

Yes, Tesla Model Y has some nice alloy wheels under the Aerocaps. You can take it off easily.

Can Model Y Hubcap be replaced?

Yes, you can replace the hubcap with an aftermarket wheel cover. Here are some sporty and stylish wheel covers for 19-inch Model Y wheels.