Tesla Model 3/Y Caliper Covers

Car Model : Model 3
Color : Red
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Tesla cars look fantastic, and admittedly, they're pretty aerodynamic but also so bland, dry, and lacking in inspiration and personality. That's why so many people get their Teslas and immediately buy accessories to modify them. 

Brake caliper covers for Model 3 or Model Y are not just accessories- they are personalities in the aesthetics of your Tesla. Our performance caliper covers are specially designed to fit Tesla Model 3 and Model Y brake calipers, which are a perfect solution to upgrade the look of your Tesla brake caliper from a dull metallic color improvement to a dazzling performance red and violent yellow color.

Material Aluminum Alloy
Applicable To Model 3 2017-2023, 18" or 19" Wheel
Applicable To Model Y 2020-2024, 19" or 20" Wheel
Installation Type Bolt-On
Package Include

2 Front Caliper Covers 

2 Rear Caliper Covers 

Black & White Color Caliper Decals

Allen wrench and stainless steel assembly bolts

Caliper Cover Features


The upgraded Tesla caliper cover is made of premium aluminum alloy, guaranteeing its durability and high-temperature resistance. It ensures that the brake cover lasts for years and retains its vibrant color and surface despite exposure to harsh environmental conditions. The rugged aluminum caliper cover protects your Tesla brake system from debris and dust damage.


Explicitly designed for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, our caliper covers fit perfectly for models equipped with 18" to 19" Model 3 and 19” to 20” Model Y wheels. Its precise compatibility ensures that each cover snugly fits over the existing brake calipers, providing optimal coverage without affecting the car’s brake operation or wheel performance. 


Our caliper covers are not only functional but also stylish. Available in various colors, including red, blue, yellow, and custom shades, these covers let you personalize your Tesla’s appearance. The sleek, aerodynamic design of the covers mimics the look of high-performance brakes, giving your Tesla a more aggressive and refined aesthetic that stands out on the road.

Benefits of Caliper Cover


Brake caliper covers can prevent damage to brake calipers from debris, dust, road salt, and more, helping to prevent premature wear and tear and keeping your brake system in good condition longer.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Instantly boost the look of your Tesla with our performance caliper cover.   Adding elegance and a sporty touch will increase the visual appeal of your Tesla's overall look.

You can customize the appearance with various colors available to match your style. A red caliper cover is an affordable way to achieve a performance look for your Tesla modifications.

Improved Heat Dissipation

The caliper cover is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which has a good heat dissipation effect. In intense driving conditions, the larger heat dissipation area and heat dissipation performance help maintain the efficiency of the brake system, achieve better braking performance, and extend the service life of the brake components.

Are Caliper Covers Safe?

The caliper cover is installed with non-slip screws, which will not fall off during high-speed or intense driving. And it has passed tens of thousands of hours of safety testing to ensure that long-term driving will not be loose, safe, and reliable.

How To Install Mode 3 Caliper Cover Step-By-Step Tutorial

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