The Cybertruck Wheel Covers Improve Efficiency More Than Expected

The Tesla Cybertruck, though not yet available for purchase, boasts an eye-catching design reminiscent of alien technology. Its exterior is composed of scratch- and dent-resistant stainless steel material with sharp edges that exude a sense of solidity. While the vehicle remains unavailable for sale, there are Cybertruck-style wheel covers designed specifically for the Tesla Model Y long-range 19-inch wheels.

The 19-inch Cybertruck wheel covers are made of ABS material, it's immensely lighter. It’s snap-on designed so that Model Y owners can easily replace the original wheel cover with these stylish Cybertruck wheel covers.

The Cybertruck wheel covers for Model Y 19-inch wheel are designed to be directional. As you can observe, there are cutouts on one side of the spokes which serve to facilitate heat ventilation. The reason for this directional design is that the cutouts should face the rear of the car. By doing so, when the car is in motion, the wind will flow in a direction away from these cutouts, thereby minimizing drag or reducing drag compared to if the cutouts were facing towards the front of the car and allowing wind to enter them, which increases wind resistance.

To assess their impact on efficiency, we conducted a comparison between Cybertruck wheel covers and OEM wheel covers for the Tesla Model Y's 19-inch Gemini wheels. We conducted the test under controlled conditions and took a Tesla Model Y to the highway and tested the efficiency of the Cybertruck wheel covers and the OEM wheel covers at the same 70mph for 37 miles.

Let's check out the results here. As you can observe, this particular model is nearly identical, covering a distance of 37 miles in a round trip with an energy consumption of approximately nine-kilowatt hours. However, when it comes to average energy consumption per mile, this one slightly surpasses 250 watt-hours. So, while we acknowledge that the Cybertruck's wheel covers exhibit better efficiency, I will provide you with detailed calculations to determine how many miles these Cybertruck wheel covers can handle.

Let's proceed. These are the test results obtained from a previous trial, indicating that the distance covered was 37 miles and the total energy consumption was 29-kilowatt hours. The only difference lies in the average energy usage of these two style wheel covers.

The Cybertruck-style covers consume 238 watts per hour per mile, while the OEM wheel covers consume 250 watts per hour per mile. Before we proceed with accurate calculations, let's discuss the battery capacity of the 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range. The total capacity is 82 kilowatt-hours, but only 76.5 kilowatt-hours are usable. To convert this to watt-hours, we multiply by 1000 and get a value of 76,500 watt-hours for the usable capacity, after that we will use the usable capacity of the battery and device by the average energy that we got from the test so the Cybertruck-style wheel covers would get 321.4 miles full charge. 

So basically if we were to drive from 100 down to zero, the Cybertruck-style wheel covers would provide a range boost of 15.4 miles to this 2023 Tesla Model Y long-range, resulting in a total mileage of 321.4 miles compared to the OEM covers' full charge range of 306 miles.  This is an impressive increase in efficiency and one of the most effective wheel covers we have tested thus far.

Therefore, these Cybertruck-style wheel covers should definitely be utilized for future road trips. As evidenced by the impressive results, I was initially skeptical about their unconventional appearance and doubted any potential benefits they may offer. However, it turns out that they actually provide a 15-mile range boost to your Tesla Model Y when driving from 100% to zero battery capacity. This enhancement can be attributed to the directional design of the covers, which feature cutouts strategically positioned on the opposite side of the wheels in order to minimize additional drag when you drive on the highway, especially as a result it offers better efficiency compared to the stock wheel covers.