Tesla Mattress for Model Y

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The perfect camping mattress designed specifically for Tesla Model Y owners, with its contoured shape that matches the trunk floor of the Model Y, our Model Y mattress is the ultimate solution for comfortable sleeping on the road.

Whether you're going on a weekend camping trip or embarking on a cross-country adventure, the  Model Y mattress provides a comfortable and convenient sleeping bed that fits perfectly in your car. Say goodbye to uncomfortable and bulky roll-up mattresses, our Model Y mattress is the ultimate choice for road-tripping in comfort and style.

A Health & Comfortable Material - Certified Memory Foam

Crafted from certified memory foam, the Model Y mattress boasts a soft yet supportive texture that is sure to provide you with a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep on the road. Its short plush cover ensures a soft and comfortable experience while eliminating the need for constant inflation and deflation. Unlike inflatable mattresses, our mattress offers a home-like bed feel that is both noiseless and leak-free.

Foldable Design for Space-Saving Convenience

The mattress camping mattress is designed to be foldable, allowing for easy storage in the sub-trunk or frunk of your Tesla Model Y. Its compact size and built-in fastening clips and straps ensure a secure fit while freeing up valuable trunk space for gear and supplies.

Perfect Fit and Stability Guaranteed

Our camping mattress for Model Y is designed to fit exactly on the Tesla Model Y trunk floor, ensuring a stable and secure fit. The three sections of the mattress are seamlessly connected, eliminating any movement or split-up issues.

Simple and Hassle-Free Setup

Setting up the Model Y camping mattress is a breeze, allowing you to quickly and easily transform your Tesla Model Y into a cozy and comfortable sleeping space. Simply move the front seats forward and fold down the back seats to create a flat surface. The plastic board included in the package serves as the headrest, and the mattress can be laid out on top. The mattress sheet, also provided, can be easily attached to the mattress with its fitted design.

Crafted with high-quality Memory Foam materials, the Model Y Mattress is designed to fit snugly in the back of your Tesla Model Y, providing a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface for a good night's rest. With its versatile design, you can easily transform your Model Y into a cozy camper in minutes! Say goodbye to uncomfortable and restless nights in your car, and say hello to the comfort and convenience of the Model Y Mattress. Order yours today and start planning your next outdoor adventure in your Tesla Model Y with the ultimate sleeping solution!

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